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The Monkey Tales

Less Word Wednesday #12 >> The Monkey Tales

My house is near a mountain that was undergoing a massive make over to turn it into some tourist destination. There are few changes due to this hill development. Now I could hear loud karaoke during the weekend and it’s getting harder to drive in and out from my house. Oh, and there are lots of wild animals that run away from the hill too.

The usual passerby across my lawn would be squirrels, monkeys, and wild boars. A few weeks back, there was a group of angry monkeys tried to bite and bitten this one monkey. That poor bleeding animal tries his best to take refuge around my house area with a hope that others will go away.

I tried to catch some picture of that scared monkey, but he hide in between our window grills. They left to the next empty lot after a few minutes of grills banging and a loud heated argument between the monkeys; they must said something like this, “Hey, don’t be such a coward! Come out and fight!”

Thank God they went to our house. Our front neighbor is a licensed hunter and he already shot a few monkeys in my front yard. No monkeys want to mess with him!

Sigh. I miss the sound of bird’s knocking on my window in the morning and my cat seems to miss the present of small snakes in our living room (it usually slip from under the gap between the door and floor).

P/S: I will be off to Shah Alam tomorrow. I hope I could be online again that evening. See you guys later and thanks for reading!
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Penny said...

Aww cute pics of the monkey!

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Aiyo!!!! So fast ada FC here HaaziQ!!!!

Mariuca said...

Monkey hanging on ur window and small snakes in the living room??? Aiyo I think I'd be too scared to live there HaaziQ! He he! ;)

Mariuca said...

HaaziQ! Once I was in Hyatt Kuantan and monkeys were knocking on my hotel window, scary I tell ya! ;)

Akmal said...

monkey business goes to your house huh?

daniel.a.k.a.dEe said...

so, the monkey become ur pet? or ur neigbour shoot it too...

bidarlah said...

licensed hunter huh? wow!

so now u have a mini-zoo in ur house?

The Fitness Diva said...

Awwww....poor baby! He's so cute, too!
Hopefully him hiding by your house will keep him safe for a while..... :(

EastCoastLife said...

What!? The monkeys get shot! Is it legal? Gosh. poor monkeys.

EastCoastLife said...

Your house is like a mini zoo. hehe....

Wayne John said...

That's pretty cool. New meaning to the circle of life on your lawn...

AngelBaby said...

Wow,do you live in the jungle? How do you get into your car with all the monkeys monkeying around on it?

Love and Blessings,

izzahismail said...

my hostel pon byk monkey.
and worst,they chase after people.
scary.nak gi cafe pon takot.
takot kene kejar.
haha.have a good day ;)

azlan said...

drop firecracker to them will work to make all the monkeys go away

callister said...

oh man...i hate monkeys..
derang ni suke sepahkan sampah and berani lak 2..
yesterday i lepak homestay dgn my family..
the only thing yg spoilkn percutian kitaorg adalah monyet..

Monica said...

they shot a few monkeys?! oh no!!!

shaxx said...

I hate karaoke noise! grrr! said...

I think monkeys are cute but I confess having a monkey or monkeys running around my house and hanging on my windows and car would seriously freak me out!

Rozella said...

Alamak! So kesian. :( Sometimes development is just a bad thing...

Farah Deen said...

wow, interesting, like living in a safariland. however, i dont think I would get that much excited with monkeys. I know a friend who lives near a hill too and there are monkeys in her area. sometimes, these monkeys would even enter the house. boars? oh my god! LOL

bluedreamer27 said...

you know what bluedude i really hate monkeys
i hjad an experience before that the monkey on the zoo
grab my hair and pulled it and it really hurts you know hehe
by the way have a great day to you

TH said...

reminds me of monkey see monkey do!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Penny,

Congratulation for winning my first commenter for this post! :):) Monkeys are not that cute if they start sneak into your kitchen. Hehe


hi Mariuca,

Well, at least you give a good fight :) You just one minute late from Penny!

Hehe.. Snake and monkeys are not that bothering. Other wise, you will get quite a nice view from there :)


Hi Akmal,

It sure sound like that. haha


Hi Daniel

they left a few minutes after that. Hehe. My front neighbor then went out to shoot wild boars :)

zackzara said...

It's monkey business! Hmm.. it's kinda disturbing when these monkeys are messing around but one good thing is that, your area would be in a super-clean state!

Monkeys. Hmm.. had bad experience while studying..they enter my room through the window panel even though I am bloody sure it's well locked.. so when they enter, all the foods are gone including those inside the tin. Sigh. Oh..they never graduated anyway. LOL.

YAN^S said...

nice house....

Faisal Admar said...

omg! small snake in the house? that is nut! i am not a snake phobia but to live with them in the house is insane! haha.

your neighbor killed the monkeys? ah that is not what i want to hear :(

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Wild kindom!

Blogs are so interesting to me because they encompass life from such diverse people and areas. I live in the suburbs, and the things you describe here are only seen at the local zoo.
I would like to adopt the scared monkey :-)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bidarlah,

Well, I only have a cat and I don't think it's enough to be called a mini zoo. LOL.

A licensed hunter isn't that cool when you start seeing dead animals in your front yard every times you back from work. Hehe


Hi The Fitness Diva,

I am glad at least I am sure he did survive even though it's only for awhile


Hi EastCoastLife,

Now you mentioned it, I am not even sure. Anyone knows whether shooting monkeys are legal in Malaysia??

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Wayne John,

Well said. Perhaps one day I will see and elephant wandering in my yard!


Hi Angelbaby,

LOL. The place is well developed. There is even nice roads and all. But since the new development further up the hill, all those animals are start to trespass human houses :)

Glad to see you here!


Hi izzahismail,

Hahaha.. Really? My hostel only has lots of flies and charlie (I am not sure you know what it is, but it's quite dangerous!)


Hi Azlan,

At the back of the mountain, there is an army camp (if I am not mistaken). I could hear lots of cannon fires from my home. I am pretty sure the monkeys already familiar with loud sounds.Not to mention, there is karaoke session during the weekend!


Hi Callister,

Hahaha.. Betul2... Kitorang selalu tindih tong sampah dengan batu ke something heavy. Kalau tak, diorang selongkar. Ish2..

bluedreamer27 said...

hello blue dude just dropping by to say have a great day

sufian said...

manusia and monkeys..both species terancam..

Emila Yusof said...

wah, banyaknya monyet!

Penny said...

Aw I love that graphic you created. Thanks :D

Mariuca said...

Afraid of snakes la HaaziQ!!! Gila tu he he! I dunno which is worse, to be scared by monkeys or snakes aiyo!! ;)

Mariuca said...

Baru wan to start my EC round ni, some more got headache...oh dunno if can make it or not tonight, that's why must start with the important blogs first like this one LOL! ;)

nisha said...

Wow! what a shot :) So sad for the hurt monkey, and the shot ones too.. do they get that wild there.. i mean i never really encountered a run away monkey, so dont know.. hehe

waliz said...

i reallly pity the monkeys...first the human take away their natural habitat...then they so starving they have to find food in people house! but i must admit they can be a nuisance...but to think back who is disturbing them at the first place? we or the monkeys???

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