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Why Human is Animal Best Friend

Hi, my name is Heejeerah. Some may already read about me in this post done by one of my family, yeah he adores me. So, I am a guest writer for Hot Shit Form Here this month. I live in a small town with a bunch of family members. I would love to tell you guys my top 5 why human is an animal best friend!

1. They never judge me
- Even I haven’t been taken bath for quite some times, I never was accused for the bad smelled in the room. They never knew though that I fart release some air when I had a bad stomachache.

2. They need me as their source of entertainment
- Of course some of them forcibly requited us into some circus or freak show, but they also immortalized us as a superhero. You could see them borrowed our character in Cat woman, Batman or in the Spiderman series. They always wanted to touch their inner animal instinct from time to time whether in form of entertainment or in their sex life.

3. You could always share secrets with them
- I always share mine with them. May be they to dumb to understand it, but at least they never tell anyone what it’s all about. That being said, I am totally into those human secret whisperers. Gossiping is the best way to spend for otherwise a boring day. And they also love to share their secrets with us!

4. They love to touch me
- If only my species could be charged in court, I am sure there are a lot animals out there will sue human kind for sexual harassment. We were cuddled, touched and even grasped in some inappropriate areas. Nevertheless, I also love to hump on their fluffy cushions and sometimes a leg or hand (especially when they were asleep). Well, I guess we are squared then.

5. They care about us
- They cried when we are sick or when we lost. They watched us growing up and treat us like a family member. They even had made a movie or two about the friendship that were shared together right? And that is the main reason why human is an animal best friend!

So, you already have my top 5 Why Human is an Animal Best Friend. But, before I wrap up my post, there is also a reason why I hate human being so much!

I hate her!


- I hate PETA. Every time I see internet, there she is. With her fake boobs, fake lips and fake ass buttock (click here in case you do not know what buttock means - young people nowadays). I am sure none of my species looks like that. And how many times did she marry already? She was even dashing bad words to my Jessica Simpson. Damn that old lady! Go and do what you done the best!

*Updated* So, let me know why do you think Animal is Man Best Friend? I am sure my friends would love to hear it from you! By the way, I am a single and available bachelor cat. If you think I am attractive, please let me know. You could always leave me a phone number or email here. I am sure Bluecrystaldude will be kind enough to let me know later. Thanks!


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Farah Deen said...

what an interesting topic! Well, as much as I enjoyed reading this entry, I am not at all an animal lover- no and never will be. I think, dog's a man's best friend for some good reasons, but well, not really all animals. :)

I really enjoyed reading the points though, especially #4! LOL I don't think I would appreciate an animal touching me that much. But, I know a lot of people love to play with cats and all, so, I am assuming, it's fun. hehehehhehe

One thing I would totally agree is the fact that animals don't judge and they do respect(and love) their master a lot(in most cases)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Farah Deen,

Wow. You are fast. hehe

Well, I think you misunderstand this post. It is from a point of view of an animal (my cat to be exact). I am just testing a new kind of post. LOL. Totally out of my usually range of writing, but I tried it anyway.

For a mother with two kids, I am sure there is already enough stuff to be taken care off. Including another pet is quite insane. Haha. Plus, sometimes, kids are allergic of animal's fur. Please take note of that.

Of course, if you are in tonnes of stress, animal is one of the solution :)

zackzara said...


Its good once in a while to 'invite' the animal to express their feelings in writing and I'm glad you able to feel it. At some points in our life, we come across these kinda situation on "what if the animal could talk" and if that is sure the cat that RIP in my blog the other day will tell the whole world who killed her..and if that being so...I guess I better stop my imagination..else it may incriminate the evidence! Oh no... I've a case to handle now.. see ya, dude.

*clap clap clap to you.. I love this entry and your point of view. Its good that you limit the 5Why..else..I might giggling alone in this office! LOL

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Zara,

Yeah, once in a while, I would love to try something new. Life is boring if everything is a routine right?

It is pity to see animals lying dead after hit by car. But I guess, their life has been fated that way. We only need to be extra careful though while driving :)

So, do you like pet too?

bluedreamer27 said...

great blue i heard a lot about PETa AND MANY CELEBRITIES LOCALLLY AND INTERBATIONALLY supported it but do we really have to be a vegetarian just to show that we love animals?
well in some points for me, yes but i just cant stuck upwith feresh vegies hehe i want meat thats all
have a great weekend dude
sorry for missing out all of you guys
i just got busy with my upcoming final examination in my school
but then i still try to make it to the point that im still visiting all of you here in the blogosphere
by the you might want to see who are those solo performers that gain much popularity as they leave their group of where they came from at my blog
hope to see you there
more power and God bless

Anonymous said...

Cute!!! I love cats... so much!!! :) Now I miss them so much...

This post somehow made me wonder what my cats are thinking... or why they do what they do... Cats are very mysterious creatures though... :)

For many cats lover ( us), I believe to own the house cat as the ideal pet is a bless... Requiring certain level of care without being bothersome... but possessing independence as well... the house cat is a great addition to any home...

Always needing us but never seeming needy... there's a balance between cat and us that we don't quite get from any other animal...(...I dunno and not sure about dogs)

When they do pay us some attention... we usually feel quite special... A cat that rolls over on its back... and asks for a belly scratch should be rewarded with affection... and you've explain it otherwise... I'm wondering what he had in mind when I did that... :) huhuhu

Cat behavior is largely misunderstood... even by experienced cat owners... like us!!! :) winkwink

**to CT, Achik, Itam, LV, Prada, Teh, Horlick, Tux, Mark, Mop, Jean, and Jam... I missed u... (baru tadi sleep cuddle² with Itam... she's so cute!!!)

Farah Deen said...

ohhhhhhh now I got you and I totally understood why I thought the entry was weird- it's from the point of view of a cat! I am so sorry. Well, I would love to have a smart cat like this then. :) hmmmm I want a dolphin- how do I go about that now? :)

p.s: call me Farah!

AngelBaby said...

Yes animals do enjoy watching the human race. I am sure that they are totally entertained by us and they love us anyway. I am so glad they can't talk! We would all be in big trouble! LOL!!

Thank you for letting me know about that problem on my site I fixed it so now you can read more.

Love and Blessings,

rizal said...

"olla hajeerah.."

"my name is blakie.."


blakie kirim salam..

i guess i am a cat person..


Faisal Admar said...

Haha! I thought she is your sister when I first saw her name! You need a spank BCD!!!
Btw, she is lovely and adorable… no doubt she is well accepted in the family!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Firstly, let me wish you a very good luck for your upcoming test. Like any very good blogger friend could be, I do hope that you will succeed in your exam ;)

About the veggies' thing, I am may sound like a cannibal or a serial killer, what ever do you want to call it, but I think being a veggie means you are in a very sad situation. Life is short, enjoy it well. and meat does taste good. I wonder how human's meat taste like. Haha..

No offense to all veggies out there

Anyway, being a veggie is quite difficult too. Two of my friends, (one is Chinese and the other is Indian) have to very creative in making up their everyday meals.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Love-n-Hate,

Wow.. You sure very creative for having to name all your cats.. Horlick and Mop are my favorite! haha.. I can't wait for you to name your kids after this (after you get married and having a baby of course :)

And how many cats do you have at home actually?

Yup, I do agree with you. I really like when Heejeerah paying his attention to me. But most of the time, only his hairy ears changing towards the sound of my voice (he is the most lazy cat I ever met)

LOL. I love this part:

A cat that rolls over on its back... and asks for a belly scratch should be rewarded with affection... and you've explain it otherwise... I'm wondering what he had in mind when I did that... :)

I will ask Heejeerah the next time he wake up. Hahaha :D

bluecrystaldude said...

TYPO: "I will ask Heejeerah the next time he wakes up. Hahaha"


Hi Farah,

It's okay :) This is the first time Heejeerah trying to write a post. Haha

A dolphin? I am not sure I could handle a fish that is smarter than me. I heard somewhere in between National Geographic and Discovery Channel that dolphins could even do the maths. Well, that is creepy. After all, the world has already enough women smarter than me to be taken care off. LOL :P

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Angelbaby,

If animal could talks, I sure hope they are more civilized (in term of talking) from us. I am thinking like a priest or something. They don't take bad about others and keep our secrets right?

hurmm.. I wonder what Heejeerah will talk about on the next post..


Hi Rizal,

and I supposed Blackie is black? Oh, please, I am not being racist..


Hi Faisal Admar,

Haha.. Heejeerah is a male cat and I don't have any sister. Hehe. It's okay though. I feel that he is a gay cat. How odd that could be?

Faisal Admar said...

OMG! A gay cat? You know what? My friend has gay cats. Yes… it’s plural. Sorry to say he has so many cats but these two male cats keep fu**ing each other every single day! So if you telling me that Hajeerah is a gay cat. I don’t have any surprise.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Faisal,

God! Seriously man? Hahaha.. I never actually saw Heejeerah humping any male cat. But when female cat come by our house, he just looks past her and watch birds(!). haha..

bluecrystaldude said...

And I never saw him humping a female cat either. Crap!

mangosteenskin said...

hahahah! i had a good laugh reading this entry. reading ur discussion with faisal really makes me laugh harder.

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