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Kris Allen, the New American Idol!

Kris Allen the new American Idol
I couldn’t believe it! The two hours result show was a blast! The stars studded show definitely was really entertaining. Apart from great performances, there were lots of skins on the stage; Kara DioGuardi showed off her bikini body while singing with the former contestant, Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell. My favorite show would be the Adam Lambert and Kiss performance.

After close to 100 million votes, Kris Allen was announced as the winner of American Idol season 8th. The underdog of this season finale is more humble than ever. I actually couldn’t believe my ears listening to Kris’s answer after being asked by Ryan Seacrest after announcing Kris as the winner. This was his answer: "It feels good, man, but Adam deserved this. … I don't know what to feel right now, but this is crazy!" Okay, who said something like that after just being announced the new American Idol?

Kris Allen Kris Allen and Adam Lambert
This has been one heck of a season. Even though I prefer Adam Lambert to win this season (this wouldn't be your first gay American Idol after all), Kris definitely deserved it. All hail world, beware for they will conquer your world. Congrats again Kris Allen!

So, do you surprise with the result? Who should win American Idol this season? Kris Allen? Adam Lambert? Danny Gokey? Allison Iraheta? By the way, what do you think of Kara DioGuardi (nice bod though)? Should she come back next season? Should Paula Abdul go?

Kara DioGuardi in bikini

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Shemah said...

=-O =-O =-O

Shemah said...

Kris really did his part and worked really hard to achieve his dream of being an American Idol. That dude is definitely talented.. anyone who thinks he's not, well, there's something wrong with you. Granted, he might not have the star quality as Adam has, but he deserves it all the same.

Those who are hatin' on Kris should check themselves, 'coz the one they should be hatin' on are those who didn't vote for Adam Lambert.

But either way, those two were extremely superb in their performances, Adam rocks! And Kris is awesome!!! Can't wait to hear what's in store for them next!!

Mariuca said...

:-D :-D

Mariuca said...

I cant wait to write my idol post oso Blue lol!

Mariuca said...

I wasn't shocked la Blue, disappointed that my ADAM did not win but Kris has always been good all along, cuma camouflaged by Adam and Danny. :'( :* :-D

Mariuca said...

Me no likey bikini girl! >:o >:o

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Shemah said...

And thanks for the special FC post and birthday post, sweetie!! I appreciate it sooooooooo much! :) :) :* :*

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Shemah said...

OMG!! Tak suka sangat bikini girl! Padan muka dia kena oleh Kara. As much as
I think Kara tu over sometimes, it still felt good to see bikini girl kena
like that! Hahahaha

Shemah said...

Yalah.. what to do lah if the media gives so much airtime and airplay to
danny and adam from the auditions kan? Memang lah kris would be camouflaged.
So even when he emerged, people still don't want to sit up and take notice
of him.. But at least they did in the end!! So deal!! :-)

Mariuca said...

Yeah yeah!!! Pdan muka BG!! She perasan gila la Shemah and it’s no longer entertaining know what I mean? Pestaim tu ok la, can laugh with her but now it’s more like laughing at her!

Mariuca said...

Yeah la I knew it the moment I saw the homecoming, 20,000 turn out tu and I oso got goosebumps watching him sing to the crowd wit his trusty guitar dat day! Good show Kris!

Shemah said...

Itu lah!! First time tu fine lah.. but now her 10 seconds of fame is over
and the whole bikini thing is just tooo old lah.. Like, let's get a move on

Shemah said...

Yeah lahh.. amazing crowd for a town of 50 000 people!! Hahahahah!! He does
sing with all his heart and I guess most people can relate to him a lot!
both guys are totally awesome and both are winners! Just that kris walked
away with the title is all!! :-) :-) :-) We'll see more of AL to come.. so
AL fans just hold on tight!! No need to be sad for him!

Mara said...

I can't wait to watch the re-run. I was rooting for Adam.

Mariuca said...

Exactly boring edi with BG, spoil ppl’s mood je tadi but yeah la padan muka dia! But knowing her, she prob didn mind so long masuk TV!

Mariuca said...

Eh tapi nasib baik Ryan pandai cover when Kris was speechless tak caya dia menang and said all that stuff abt Adam deserving to win lol!

Len said...

You didn't really think Fox was going to let the gay kid win, did you? Come on. This was supposed to be a singing competition. Adam sang circles around Kris. They really blew it with this one. Talk about obvious!

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izzahismail said...

i thot danny gokey is gonna make it to the final together with adam. and i thot adam will win. after all, america voted kris allen. and i'm fine with iT :))

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JL said...

Well Adam is still a winner, he's still going to make it very far in this industry. :)

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Twinks said...

Hi BCD!!:)
Am not a big fan of Kris and i don't dislike him either. Must admit him winning was a surprise to me..but Kris deserved it. He did great and was surprising the judges week after week. :-D :-D Bravo to him!! yay!

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Twinks said...

well, i guess this year's AI is not for Adam... goodluck to both of them! :-D

Recent blog post: Kris Allen: The New American Idol 2009

Twinks said...

me too! no likey bikini girl! >:o >:o

Recent blog post: Kris Allen: The New American Idol 2009

Twinks said...

i love what Kara D. did!! lol bikini girl was surprised!! hahahaha :-D :-D =-O =-O :-P :-P

Recent blog post: Kris Allen: The New American Idol 2009

Twinks said...

This season's contestants were all amazing. Kris did terrific and so did Adam so any of the two is a deserving winner Shem.
Me too can't wait to hear their songs!! woohoo!! :* :*

Recent blog post: Kris Allen: The New American Idol 2009

bob said...

So personality wins over talent yet again - what a shame people around the world were actually interested this time round because of Adam - that's the last time I and many millions of others will bother watching this junk

Gallivanter said...

I disagree. Kris is crap. Even Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud are miles better than Kris Allen. Yankee Doodahs at their worst.

shandye said...

kris totally deserves to win although i have read somewhere the judges think that danny deserves the spot that adam is standing in the final two.

the reasons? so that kris will have an equal competitor so that it'll be an interesting showdown.

the fact that adam went to the final together with kris made it clear that kris will be the winner nonetheless as i think most people prefer their winner to be this down-to-earth and low-key kind of person, and i think danny and kris will make a great candidate for that.

however, i do agree adam do have an extra points in terms of showmanship and stuff (he reminds me of our local faizal tahir for the unusual stage antics, don't you think?) but kris has the upper hand in terms of song selection and composition; like what he had done with the song 'heartless'.

shandye said...

yeah. i prefer danny gokey. he's the best contestant in this season. and allison too. i wish both of them are in the finals, don't you think?

nikillas said...

my opinion.. adam is good.. rally.. but at final 2 performance mmg nampak kriss yang akan menang.. entah kenape.. bila je dapat tahu danny keluar, komferm.. dapat feeeel yang kriss akan menang.. hahaha.. tapi.. lagu no baundaries kalau me dengar, mmg sedap kriss yang bawa time top 2 performance.. tapi bila dengar studi version, lain la pulak.. hauhuahahaa..

bluedreamer said...

woohhoo my bet won
although i was expecting that Adm will win

bluedreamer said...

hi just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging

bluedreamer said...

i was a bit surprised when Kara took off her clothes hehe
just tagging you here bluedude

have a great day

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JuLia d BUbbLes said...

i always thot i would be adam, but there go kris!

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eipul said...

like kris a lot...
like a lot...
LOL... best dowl suara dia...

Recent blog post: :::Just Dance bersama Ellyana::: said...

My wife and I live in Conway, Arkansas, hometown of Kris Allen.

It has been a crazy few weeks around here!

We're glad he won and are looking forward to Kris returning to Conway soon.


Eat Well. Live Well.

bluedreamer said...

hello blue have you heard the news anbout adam lambert??
it was said that there is a large possibility that Adam will be the next vocalist for the Queen band

bluedreamer said...

have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend


Naye said...

I disagree. I don't see how Kris even made it to the top 10 let alone 24. He is an okay singer, but far from great to me. Well at least Adam won't be held under such a strict recording contract as Kris will, so I do consider that a plus!

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Mariuca said...

Hola Blue! I have a cool personality tag for you, have fun! :) said...

I thought this season of American Idol was the best season ever and I was glad to see Kris win. I liked Adam too, but he seemed a little bizarre at times.

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Ailurophile said...

Kris had been very kind and humble throughout, and deserved this. Many congrats to him :)

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Guest said...

I am not into American Idol - I just came by to say Hello and see how you are doing. =-O

Love and Blessings,

coolingstar9 said...

It is ready fun to watch Amerian idol as we can see so many good performer in stage.
Yes, kris is ready humble.
Happy blogging, blue.

bluedreamer said...

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AngelBaby said...

I just stopped by to say hello and see how you are doing with your studies. I hope it is going well for you.

I am not into American Idol so I can say anything about it except I am glad you enjoy it.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

So nice to see u online today Blue! :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

I have a welcome back tag for u, have fun!

Jean said...

hi blue, you've just been tagged in my special Friendship Chain Tag! Hv fun! :)

Recent blog post: Get To Know Miss Y Better

Jean said...

haha.. hi shem! I am among those who thinks Kris has got no talent. SOmething wrong with me? hehe.. It's really nice to hear your thoughts. But I stick to mine. :)

Recent blog post: Get To Know Miss Y Better

Jean said...

hello blue, it's me again, you've just been tagged! Enjoy! :)

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abdul syukur said...


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