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What's New?

Hot Shit Form Here
  1. New header
  2. New tagline, instead of “not your ordinary” to “life and more”
  3. I planned to change my site’s template
  4. Hot Shit Form Here is now has a Google rank 4!
  5. I am not ready to continue my Entrecard drop regime; I am hoping I could stop using Entrecard in the future, but I will try my best to do my best to return every EC drop here

My Little Black Pot
  1. I already started to post entertainment news as usual there, but I think I will have to limit the exposure of this site just yet. I am experimenting on how to attract new visitors without have to rely on Entrecard.

Bluecrystaldude (That’s me!)
  1. I have finished my ten weeks of industrial training! Yeah! And now I will start my new semester (my final year) today. No holiday for me…
  2. I will have to lay out a new visiting plan for my favorite blogs and sites. Since my new courses for this semester require an extra attention, I hope I could visit all my favorite sites without jeopardize my study.
  3. Thank you for your support!

Have a nice day!

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Rizal said...

Apa Khabar?

Recent blog post: TwitPics And Foodie.

Rizal said...

Aha! saje test dulu nak tgk jadi FC atau tidak. It has been such a looooooooooooong ( in slow-mo) time since my last visit here. Glad too see new post is up on HSFH.

I like your new tagline "Life n More", which goes great with your contents. Simple but awesome. Two thumbs Up.

Congratulations on PR4. Another two thumbs up heh (kali ni pakai ibu jari kaki buleh? hehe)

Recent blog post: TwitPics And Foodie.

Rizal said...

Oh, Have a great final year ya, and may all the best with your bloggies (errr blogging+studies = ada kaa ni?) :-D

Recent blog post: TwitPics And Foodie.

bluecrystaldude said...

:D Congrats Rizal! Hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hehe.. It's about time for HSFH to get the Google rank 4. BTW, I am slowly getting back on my feet (in the blogging sense), sorry if there is any technical glitch :-$

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you man! I can't wait to start my class in about one hour to be exact =-X

AngelBaby said...

Congrats on doing a good job on your studies again! I am so proud of you. Now you are in your last year - Wow - you can do it so study hard and finish with honors.

I have something for you at my site so come and see.

Love and Blessings,

shandye. said...

tahniah kerana melengkapkan latihan industri awak. hehe...

p/s:- agak berterima kasih awak tukar header. sbb pernah baca blog ni kat dalam kelas and my lecturer ingat i tgh tengok site yg bukan2. ahaks.

Recent blog post: tagged by miss president!

bluedreamer said...

wow congrats fro reaching PR 4 i salute you for that...
its nice to see that you're bringing back the "My Little Black pot" blog
have a great day blue dude

Recent blog post: I love blogging!

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you AngelBaby. I am sure will pay a visit to your site after this :)

Recent blog post: What's New?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hahaha.. Sorry ar terpakai header before ni. sekrang supan nyer. hehe :-P

Recent blog post: What's New?

bluecrystaldude said...

Thanks man. I am glad I am back online. Will visit your site after this :)

Recent blog post: What's New?

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Dropping ec today, how're u holding up? 8-) 8-)

Recent blog post: Terrifying yet Thrilling!

Mariuca said...

Wah new header Blue! So new EC badge oso? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Recent blog post: I Won, I Won!

Mariuca said...

Have a lovely Monday! :* :*

Recent blog post: Phoebe is Sad! **

zara said...

Salam Haaziq :)

It's been such a long time hadn't come by here. Hope things are doing fine and OK with u over there. Anyway, honestly, I like this header most, compared to the previous one. And the tagline - perfect! Too bad the domain name can't be changed, eh. If not, I think I'll change mine :D

And YOU - take care & have a great sem!

Recent blog post: Lie. Or. Truth.

nikillas said...

wei..!! welcome back.. and happy fourth year.!!!

JuLia d BUbbLes said...

u're back!!!!!!!!
how was LI?

good luck in new sem ya! 4th year tu... u'll be graduating soon!!! haha

Brian Kinney said...

the new bcd.
i wondered where have you been... :)

it's good to keep yourself busy but me, i'm too busy which is not good. LOL

abdul syukur said...


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