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A H1N1, Blogging and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

I am breeding H1N1 viruses inside my body. I have dripping nose, fever and my body sweat like hell. Well, maybe it is just an ordinary flu, but I think it would be more dramatic if I am sporting one – I am afraid to visit a doctor for the fear of getting quarantined. Don’t worry though, I have limited my activity in the public; sitting in front of my laptop and television all the time. Did I mention on my bed? Well, I am actually enjoying my sickness while it last.

For those who haven’t heard, my campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia (University Science Malaysia), Engineering campus, has been ordered to close for a week. There are few confirmed H1N1 cases, lots of students have been quarantined for suspected cases and almost a quarter of my friends were having high temperature fever.

So, when the lecturers started to missing from classes due to medical leave, the campus has no choice but to give us an early mid semester break. Then, couple days after started my holiday, I start to have ulcers on my tongue, lots of it (I have difficulties to speak, not to mention eating properly). Not long after that, I start to have flu, headache and sore throat.

But now, thank God, I am feeling much better. I will start my class again on this upcoming Thursday. I can’t wait to be swamped with works again.

This year has done nothing good to my blogging activity. I spend less and less time on blogging and more on doing researches, reading hundreds of journals and doing literature review. I sincerely feel sorry for my absence in blogging world. I am not sure whether you missed my presence or not, but I did miss you guys. I hope I will be more active after this.

By the way, I love love love Taylor Swift latest video; You Belong with Me. Her lyrics, songs and videos are very personal. And somehow, I feel connected in some ways or another with her life. That my friends, are a good artist.

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Monica said...

:* :* :*

Mariuca said...

:( :( :(

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Ooooh better go and see doctor Blue, hope u feel better soon! 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

Happy MM! :* :* :* :*

juLia d Bubbles said...

yeP kampus ttp.
sgt lengang. xde org tggl bdk2 postgrad je. huhu

how r u 2day?
get well soon ok. take care. makan ubat.

Monica said...

=-O =-O oh go see the doctor Haaziq!

Monica said...

of coz we missed u too, hehe :) ;)

juLia d Bubbles said...


p/s:who's that in ur header pic? ;)

LadyJava said...

Hiya Blue!!
Long time no hear from you!!!

shandye said...

it is rumored that ukm had already two suspected cases. the university is waiting for a third case to appear before they close down this place and call it a day.

haih... >:o

bem69 said...

Down with flu? Thank god its not H1N1, I just recovered from a week of flu, fever and sore throat myself. =-O

bluecrystaldude said...

LJ!!! Miss you so so so much!

nikillas said...

walaweh..!! tak tgk pun lagi vc you belong to me.. duk looping lagu dia je.. lagu dia best weh.!!

Guest said...

nice blog.........

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farafaizul said...

ah, i miss your updates bcd.

bluedreamer27 said...

dont worry about the blogging thing bluedude were still here for your blog no matter what
best wishes for your school and happy blogging!!

kuro said...

4 org positive h1n1 at our campus kan???uhhh..scary...

mOEha Aziz said...

dear haziq,

u'll be ok... insya'allah....

Guest said...


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abdul syukur said...


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