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Scorpion - White Dove

Yeah! Finally, I am joining back Music Monday. For this week, I would like to share with you an amazing song, from an amazing artist, wrapped in such beautifully written lyric.

In the light of recent disaster that had happen in Haiti, with death numbers projected to be more than 200 000, this song goes to them. May God help them went through this disaster.

Some of the lyrics and pictures from Haiti disaster. Pictures were taken around the net.

Haiti Disaster 1
A place without a name
Under a burning sky
There's no milk and honey here
In the land of God

Haiti Disaster 2
Someone holds a sign
It says we are human, too
And while the sun goes down
The world goes by

Haiti Disaster 3
White dove
Fly with the wind
Take our hope under your wings
For the world to know
That hope will not die
Where the children cry

Haiti Disaster 4
Waves, big like a house
They're stranded on a piece of wood
To leave it all behind
To start again

Haiti Disaster 5
But instead of a new life
All they find is a door that's closed
And they keep looking for
A place called hope

Haiti Disaster 6
Can anyone tell me why (can anyone tell me why)
The children of the world (the children of the world)
Have to pay the price (pay another price)

And now your telling me
You've seen it all before
I know that's right but still
It breaks my heart

Haiti Disaster 7
Well, the golden lamb we sent
Makes us feel better now
But you know it's just a drop
In a sea of tears

May God help them all.. My prayer goes for them.

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Penny said...

That is very powerful listening to the song and looking at those pictures. It really is terrible, but a good choice for music Monday. It's good to stop and think about what's going on in the world around us.

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Such sad heart-wrenching pics Haaziq, just have to hope and pray things and peace will restore in Haiti soon. :'( :'(

Mariuca said...

Happy MM to you and it's nice to see u back, ready to make ur big bang comeback? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* :* :* :*

CAHAYA said...

nice song. it breaks my heart to see those pictures. i'm grateful to where i am now. Alhamdulillah.

MaxiVelasco said...

:) :) :)

MaxiVelasco said...

That's nce of you to dedicate the song to the victims. :)

MaxiVelasco said...

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog! At last! the famous BlueCrystalDude has visited my blog! Yehey!

Thanks a lot! :)

Bluecrystaldude said...

I second that. I been surfing around in my Tumblr and rediscovered this song. It has been a while since I last heard it and i think the meaning will suit the Haiti's earthquake disaster well. My prayers are for them

Bluecrystaldude said...

:-[ :-[ :-[

Bluecrystaldude said...

Agreed. The least of what we can do is by following the news and try to do the best of we what we can :)

Bluecrystaldude said...

Not so sure about THE BIG BANG comeback (loveee the Big Bang show tho!), but I am going to start posting regularly after this. A good start meh?

Bluecrystaldude said...

Oh gosh! you made me blushing! LOL. I am not sure where do you heard about me being famous, thanks anyway. You made my day! Yiipee!

I already added your blog in my blog list. I hope to see more of you ;) Happy Monday!

Bluecrystaldude said...

Betul. I really thankful after watching the news and the pictures. Couple of days back, I saw in the news a baby was saved from the building crumbles. I hope more victims could be saved. Amin.

nikillas said...

welkam bek music monday..

Bluecrystaldude said...

I love this song. Seriously sedap!

faisal admar said...

this is sad bcd :( i will write about haiti soon :(

the pic above showing blood, really give me goosebumps :(

faisal admar said...

i really hope they will be better soon...

faisal admar said...

btw, i never heard of this song before.

Stacie said...

I haven't heard this song for a while. It's really sad what has happened in Haiti! Have a great day.

gagay said...

haaziq!!!happy MM!great song for those victims!

hope you could park oso at my MM this week..

Walking Newspaper
Pinoy Medical Doctor
The Latest Buzzzz

Monica said...

I felt sorry for Haiti..i hope the people will be alright :'( :'( :'(

Monica said...

glad to see you back Haaziq! :) ;)
oh btw, I'm back! :-D :-D

Metz said...

Powerful message there.

MaxiVelasco said...

Haha! Blushing? Good good!

Have seen you in many blogs with your comments. You seem to be the type of person who is known in the blogging world yet I had difficulties getting your attention (somehow) *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* which is why I am so happy that you have finally commented on my blog and as a bonus, you even added you in my blog list! Cool!

Thanks a lot BCD!

Rizal said...

Congrats on being back on your foot eh feet, i mean MM.

It is a sad thing to hear news on Haiti. Hoep things will get better soon there. 200K, reminds me of such disaster of Banda Aceh Tsunami - the devastation

Hope to see more posts too.

In the meantime, happy blogging and happy living ya : )

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