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The Ugly Truth

City Life
City Life (image: franciszkaxD)

No, this is not a post about a lovely bimbo falling in love with a typical Greek Godness man; all macho, buffed up with poetic words swirling like the endless river of love. This is a story of a normal and a little bit skinny 22 years old 11 months and 8 days boy who life has changed 360 degree in the past few months.

He used to be this perfect little boy doing all his homework and spending some quality time with his friends. The only wild thing he did is occasional staying up late past his bed time. However, this is all changed as soon as he moved to the big city.

Without any friends and family to look after him, he suddenly being freed out from his small, remote cage and with a slight roar of an overslept cub, he just achieved his freedom. Alone in a jungle of people with many attraction around, make him forgot the essence of life and how he used to define it.

Little Boy
Little Boy (image: BigboyDenis)

His life moves faster than he expected and in the end, he lost the control of his own life. Nevertheless, he was awoken by rude gesture that arrived in one lovely day. He was required to check his blood for diabetes. Thank God, the worst is over. The sugar level in his blood was normal.

By now, I think you guys should have realized that the “he” is actually “me” (if not, please leave this page and never coming back). I have been not feeling well lately. Maybe because of the stress from work, the pressure from the surrounding people or the weather that keeps changing like a wave in the ocean.

The ugly truth is life goes on. The faster you find a way to control your life, the sooner you will appreciate the real meaning of life.

I hope this is post is good enough for the start. I have been very busy with all the changes and cannot wait to get back in the blogging world. Have a lovely week ahead!

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