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Hot Shit Form Here New Features!

Hot Shit Form Here

Due to my limited connectivity, I am spending most of my time tweaking my blog! I added two new features in Hot Shit Form Here:

1. Featured Blogger

Featured Blogger

I am introducing a new Featured Blogger post for every month! For those who want to be featured here, just click the featured blogger picture and paste your best (new or old) post in the form that will pop up (image below). I will read, review and post it if it’s good!

Featured Blogger

Please note that by sending your post, you give me the right to publish it on my blog any time of the future.

2. Hot Post, Favorite Post, Post Category, Top Commenters and Hot Shit Form Here Statistic

Expand Collapse

I upgraded (yes, it was there before), I just edited the title and the content in it. Just wait for the page to load, then click on the title box once to expend and twice to collapse it back. You can also expend or collapse all of the boxes by clicking the Expand All/Collapse All link at top and bottom widget. Try it now!

First THREE Commenters:

(Whoever won the most First Commenter contests will be featured at the end of the month!)

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