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Monday Laugh: Couple Jokes

The myth of couples and friends. As usual, my spend my weekend observing other human being:

1. Making judgment entirely from my first impression
2. Laughing at others bad fashion senses
3. Make up stories on strangers that fulfill my wicked fantasy
4. Posting all the above in my tweets

I know I am a sinner, but I just can't help it! Anyway, I received an email from a friend who knows my darkly craving, I just have to post it here. It's a series of couple jokes entitled: "Couple Dynamic: The sad way the world view them". I posted it here, credit to the person who did this (I am not sure who he/she is, but I know you have been in my mind). Enjoy and happy Monday peeps!

Couple Jokes 1
Handsome male + ugly female
Couple Jokes 2
Ugly male + beautiful female
Couple Jokes 3
Handsome male + beautiful female

Couple Jokes 4
Ugly male + ugly female
Couple Jokes 5
Ugly male + ugly male
Couple Jokes 6
Handsome male + handsome male
Couple Jokes 7
Ugly female + beautiful female
Couple Jokes 8
Ugly female + ugly female
Couple Jokes 9
Ugly male + handsome male
Couple Jokes 10
Beautiful female + beautiful female

P/S: My broadband is exceeding limit yet again. Will drop by all your sites one blog at a time. Please forgive me :)

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