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Waiting for Superman

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I was watching the Oprah Winfrey’s Show entitled Waiting for Superman episode, it really opened up my mind. Even though it mostly talked about the problem in the USA education system; bad teachers to be exact, I sincerely believe it applicable to all.

Waiting for Superman Summary
Waiting for Superman summary

The major problems with education system are:
1. Parents
2. Teachers
3. Students
4. Education System

Education starts at home. Children grow up looking upon their parents. Sometimes, the parents might not be there and the task is being trusted into the nursery homes and/or maids. A child nowadays can even feeling much closer to the one who is taking care of them, literally. Even my little brother is calling my baby sitter “mak” (meaning mother in Malay). You like it or you don’t at the end of the day, children will go back to their own house and back again in the responsibility of their parents. If the family is not stable, how that can ameliorate a child can to be successful in their education? Thus, to emulate the children well being in the school, parents should be a good example to their children.

Bad Teacher

Bad teachers, or in the Waiting for Superman called it, “bad lemon” exist. No matter how bad there are, they are there to teach our children. They will teach our children, or the least, they will be spending time with our kids. A child deserved a better teacher; even the less fortunate one deserved it. Not everyone can afford spending thousands of dollar a year to get their children into the private schools and colleges.

I personally believe that an effective teacher can stimulate one’s growth of intellect. For example, I am focusing more on some particular subjects just because the teachers paid attention to me and encourage me to do the best for myself in the class. I salute these kinds of teacher everywhere I go.

Student life

The first thing I will think about when I talk about study is laziness. Dear students, laziness are not a disease. Even if it is, it can be cured! The main reason of you become a lazy brat is because you tried all your best, but still can’t understand a certain thing or subject. There is no point of learning (or how they prefer to put it: “wasting my time”) something that is beyond your comprehensiveness right? WRONG. Click here to read about the tips to cure your laziness and study effectively.

Education system

Education System
Education system in Asia mostly focused on how many As you get in the school. The more As you got, the cleaver you are. The truth is, there are students who are not done well in the examination, but intelligent anyway. Examination should not be the sole benchmark of one’s intellectual.

It is time for us to change, no matter small it is. The children deserve a better future and we can do something about it; just become a better parents, better teacher, better student and contribute to a better education system.
The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind. - Kahlil Gibran

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