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Stop Being an Idiot Twitter User

I am not even the smartest man I knew, but I still have some common sense that makes me think before believing anything as a truth.

This evening, while the shamefulness of the #blametheIslam keyword is trending on Twitter, I noticed lots of retweets from my followers regarding a tweet from another Malaysia saying that Justin Bieber is racist and he posted a couple of links for this unsubstantiated claimed.

Justin Beiber Racist 1

Justin Beiber Racist 2

Justin Beiber Racist 3

The first one was from a blog post of Justin Bieber Bashes Islam:

Twitter Idiot 1

Twitter Idiot 2

And the second link was from Yahoo Answers:

Twitter Idiot 3

Notice how similar the posts from both sites are? That is because both articles are from the same source!

I was a little bit offended by all these vicious lies and thus, asked the person who posted the links on Twitter at the first place, while questioning him two simple questions:

Twitter Idiot 4

1. Where is the link from the claimed post of Daily Star (A British tabloid for God’s sake, do you really telling me that you believe them all?)
2. Why this issue is only coming up after 10 months of both posts up on the Internet? (blog post on 21st September 2010 and the Yahoo Answers from 10 months back)

Then, I did a simple Google search with keywords “Daily Star Justin Bieber” and it didn’t show the claimed article. Trust me, if Justin Bieber really said a statement that “Why can't Islam be accepting of other people, like Christianity and Judaism?” it will be one of the top post of that come out in the Google online search.

Twitter Idiot 5

For your information, I am not even a Justin Bieber’s fan. No offense, his music is radio friendly and all, but it’s just not one of my musical preferences.

This incident reminded me back when #RIPJackieChan was trending on Twitter worldwide. That awkward moment after you had posted some tearful tweets offering condolences and kind words to Jackie Chan and you realized that Jackie Chan is still kicking and alive.

Still, I was not jumping on the bandwagon at that time. After a quick Google search, you will stumble upon the truth that many were blinded by. I even Googled “Amy Winehouse” just to make sure that she’s really dead; such a lost in the British music industry, but that will be in a different post.

Anyway, my sincere advise to all Twitter users, stop retweet malicious news so easily. With a simple Google search you will find the truth. Stealing from the wisdom of Johannes Sebastian Bach, “if I decide to be an idiot, then I’ll be an idiot on my own record.” Don’t let others who might even have ulterior motive to be fooled you.

Twitter Idiot 6

In Malay, there is saying, "sudah terhantuk baru terngadah" meaning, you're only realized your mistake after you had done one. Stop being an idiot Twitter user, please!

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