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My butts are killing me. After 9 hours sitting on that bus, I really glad (honored, happy, highly happy, ecstasy-ly happy and every single words that could describe a positive feeling). After about 3 month not going home, I love being able to jump on my comfortable bed without any sound of cracking to be heard, love the fast and reliable internet connectivity, eat everything that I want without thinking about the price, watch television with its remote in my hand and lastly just feel belonging. Oh, and I love my cat too!

I have a cat name Heejeerah which means “moving from one place to another”. It is an Arabic word and we modified its spelling to suit our family (my siblings and my name was spelled with double letter, e.g Haaziq, note the double "A"s). My family bought him for USD120 about 5 years ago. Now he still single (as my family decided to sterile him). I took quite a long time to determine my cat breed. Whether it was American Shorthair, American Bobtail or American Wirehair. The pet owner said he was American interbred with Persian, all I know that he was an American cat that has longer fur than normal cat and his face is not so scary like Persian cat.

One of a bad thing about him is that he likes to chase (and bite) anything that is moving, whether is was an innocent animal, or my leg (ouch!). As you may heard like any pet story, most of them had done honorable acts such as saving the owner, chase down the burglar, bite the owner when he's hungry and so on like what you could see in Animal Planet channel. I always thought that they just making them up or exaggerated the story to become more heroic than the reality. However, my cat did couple acts that were honorable.

First incident:
It happen a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri (a festival celebrated by Muslim after a month of fasting) few years back. My maid was boiling water in early morning and then she felt asleep. Suddenly, I woke up after I heard my cat rare purring. That was when I saw my room on the second floor already filled with smoke. Thank God nothing severely burnt.

Second incident:
My house was broken in by burglars. All of my family members were tied up and gathered in one room. Although we lost quite a fortune that night, we still thankful to be alive. When did my cat came in the story? He was bravely struggled away from those burglars to save himself. Haha. At least, he wasn't kidnapped right?

Anyway, that all about my cat. Think twice before you taking any cute and adorable pet. We need to take care of their health, food, happiness and cost of maintaining them and you should be able to treat them just like other human being. Think also about your neighbors opinion. I used to have a dog named Jackie. But he died after being shot by Animal Control Officers as one of my neighbor complained to them Jackie wasn't suitable to be in the our Malay neighborhood.

Here are pictures from my brother personal collection about a cat that was kidnapped strangely enough by MONKEYS that thought the cat was one of his own kind! Just click the link below! (it's javascript - won't take you away from this page :)

How about you? Do you have or used to have a pet? I am sure my readers would love to hear more!

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mangosteenskin said...

now i have a squirel and a baby fox. u r right, we need to be a responsible person if we decide to adopt pet. and be loving also. once i had a baby squirel which is so "manja", like to sleep on my palm or pocket. but, i accidently stepped on him, causing his death. i cried for 3 days.

btw, amazing pictures of monkeys kidnpping kitten u got here. how innocent is that little kitty. x even struglle to get away. and i agree w u...home is the best place!

Akmal said...

My mum can't stand cat in the house, but we do have cats around the house, and we fed them.
I was asthmatic, and fur is a problem. I guess that explains my mom's behavior. But I still played with cats, and got 'regular' fit attacks hahaha.
I heard stories of how animal helped people, but yet to experience it.
Stay cool dude.

Faisal Admar said...

I have 2 cats.
Both female and same case with you, we sterile them for some reasons.
One of the reasons is we had 7 cats before and when they breed, it became 17 cats [yes I could remember all their names till now] which was costly and end up we had to give them away sadly.
So now I stay with 2 cats. Enough.
One named Multi [as it has multi-colors] and another named Ewok [remember Ewok in Star Wars? yes she looks like them exactly].

Btw, you have such a big lawn. ;)

FarA said...

ure home! i envy you =_=" a month to finals n then ill be home.

the feline of yours is very1000 adorable :)

cats. currently im sticking to a non-pedigree cat named Fluffy (i know it's a dog's name but, whatever :)) 2 of my pedigree cats got stolen 2 years back. *sobsob* a mixed breed of Persian+Siamese. sigh. i missed them.
oh well. Fluffy is the one i love best now ^^

Etavasi said...

Hi, nice have a good and bravely cat... I don't like the Animal Control and your neighbor, even not suitable around there but the dog is belongs to you.

The word Hak Asasi is gone... your neighbor suppose complain with your family and not the animal control.

(^_^) Etavasi

rizal said...

Now, i have only a cat name blakie - Used to have three cats - Uji, Didi and Blakie. Lost uji at his 3rd year.. and Comel and Didi died at their 17th and 18th years of age respectively. I was like crying. Huhu.. yer laaa dah kira mcm adik beradik. Kira dari umur me 10 tahun, and they died when i was 28. Such a long time too. Bayangkanlah how many "Hari Raya" we spent time together. =(

Yup, once u have a pet, it comes too with certain responsibilities..

Blakie ohh blakie, sabtu nii kena mandi tau...kui kui kui

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mangosteenskin,

YOU STEPPED ON YOUR SQUIRREL? wow.. I am very sorry to hear that. You must be sad. Squirrel really small, it's like a hamster when you sometimes accidentally step on it when they managed to run away from their cage. But I never heard anyone has a fox as their pet before. Macam best jek. hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi akmal,

Yeah, I am used to allergic to cat too. But Thank God after years of breathing therapy and medication, my asthma attacks seem to reduce significantly. If I am not mistaken, it almost 2 years now I havent get any of it :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi faisal,

ok, 17 indeed a little to many. That really lot of cats! lol. I can't imagine my mum would ever let us having that amount of pet. hehe. Dia mesti pening punya lah. Nak jaga seekor pun dia dah bising2.. :)

my lawn? we have pokok rambutan, durians (ada 3 kot pokok dia), mangis, mangga, ciku, dukong (i hope my spelling is correct) and couples of tree that I cant remember. My dad initial plan was to cover all the area so that no one could look into our lawn. Haha. Not so friendly right?

bluecrystaldude said...

hi fara,

haha.. Fluffy seems a nice name. I should name my cat fluffy. Oh how I love to cuddle him all night. With her fur like that. lol. Nevertheless, my cat can't stand being cuddle by anyone. He will bite them. Ouch!

Gud lucks for ur exam fara! :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi etavasi,

Yeah, it true. We indeed asked our neighbor before decided to have Jackie as a pet. They said back than, it was okay. In the end, we never knew who actually did the complain. Sigh..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi rizal,

Wow.. 17 years was long man. Panjang nya umur dia. So, I guess, Blackie is a black cat? hehe.. I want to take my cat to vet this weekend. Monthly check up procedure. After that then he could take his bath.. hehe

Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

i have cats too at home.. mase kucing2 tu kecik lg, bkn main nakal lg.. panjat sana, panjat sini.. then if they see sumthing moving, the will bite.. our legs mmg dh byk kali kene gigit tp takpe dh bese.. they just want to play with us.. but now bile dh besar, mls giler.. die dh takmo main gan kite lg.. all they do is sleep and just laze around..

Daisy said...

I think Heejeerah is very beautiful! And I am glad you had him neutered. I like to bite a lot, too. It's very fun.

neomesuff said...

beautiful cat!..brilliant too..eheheh..yeah..i now cant afford the time and energy to have a pet...

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you daisy! You're beautiful too!

AngelBaby said...

I love Cats. My sister and I have two of them. They rule the house. They are very loving so we don't care if they are the boss.

Your cat is just beautiful. I hope she is cuddely too.

Love and Blessings,

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