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Mr Blueman

Today, I received an interesting tag from Rizal. Something about the age I want to go back to. I would love to do that tag now but I have to search for my old school pictures first. I am pretty sure you guys will be surprised for what I have look back then. Anyway, this week, I wanted to write about a heavy topic like my previous posts (such as Nature, Politic, Love, etc), but I was still entangled with my holiday mood. Thus, I decided to post my new addition to my undying dying Hot Shit Form Here.

I thought Hot Shit Form Here needs a mascot to cater my demand of advertising and attracting new readers and keep my current visitor glued here. I know these picture are not sophisticated or beautiful enough compared with my fellow Mangosteenskin, Emila and Rizal (just to name a few), but I did try to make my Photoshop useful. So, here two of it:
At first I don't know what color should I paint him.
Then, I decided to paint him blue (to match my name of course :)

I called him, Blueman! Bluecrystaldude's alter ego. And in case you're wondering, yes, Blueman sit on the toilet bowl. Hehe. Oh, and the top most picture is just some of the stuffs I did just to kill my free time. Feel free to comment!

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WoW said...

Blueman looks like a robot to me and i wonder how could a robot shit like ordinary people?? :p

neomesuff said...

the first one is cool!..sitting dgn sopan santun gitu..hehe

Faisal Admar said...

Blueman. Whoa.
Blue is my fav color too so its cool.

So, you like coffee and reading eh?
You do in toilet too? =P

bidarlah said...

wat's next? merchandising? hehe...

cool blog!!!

rizal said...

wah syabas.. i think it is really cool. Great take on the subject - which goes very well with "hot shit from here.." hot news - from reading while taking a shit.. kekeke

i like this new mascot much better than the previous "sperm" thingy on the EC.

p/s : now after seeing this, - i am sure the next step is seeing your "doodling" post here - yeah..bluecrystal boleh!!, malaysia boleh!!..haha..

waliz said...

hello blueman...nice to meet u...!hope u wont get stuck in the bowl...hehehe

bluedreamer27 said...

hey it could also be me dude!
remember....i am blue too hahaha

shahril aley said...

i like ur mascot may be bcos of the blue my favorite color. good job bro... at least u have ur own mascot to represent ur blog.

dont worry bout how to attract new readers and keep ur visitor glued here. for me if ur blog can give fresh idea or story mesti ramai nak baca. mana tau ramai silent raeders or secret admirer cume depa tak tunjuk muke/drop comment je. ttg malay readers i think ramai gak baca & suke english blog but depend on the contents. cube u refer dgn rizal or shah's rambling. not bad gak readers dorg walau die tulis in english....

mangosteenskin said...

mr.blueman sounds nice. :) i like...

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi wow,

hahahaa.. you're right. Thanks for noticed that :D

bluecrystaldude said...

hi neomesuff,

hehe.. tgk ar tuan nyer camne (totally different with me :)


Hi faisal,

yeah, I do reading in my toilet. Especially on Sunday morning. But of course am not drinking my coffee there. hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bidarlah,

you read my mind. I am having a thought of producing my own tshirt and Mr Blue stuff. But maybe not in this close time. Nothing is impossible right? :D


Hi rizal,

haha.. I am waiting for my laptop to be fixed before start doodling again.

Hey, I received a lot of positive feedback from my EC's sperm advertising. hehe. After all, the sperms are actually made from matches :P

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi waliz,

yeah, I sure hope he won't stuck in it too! :D


Hi bluedreamer,

hehe. I guess it could be too. But I think you have much more branded than I am :)

with all those contests and interviews (and awards and tags), I rather not comparing both of us. hehe

axim said...

blueman....hmmmm sounds nice but it is too blue for me...hehe....waaa blog da ada mascot la plak..nak wat gak la maskot..hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shahril aley,

what should I call you?I noticed your friends called you Aley, but I am not sure whether I am that closed enough to called you that. hehe

Oh, don't get me wrong. I am very much content with my current readers. I could count more than 10 of them. Which was reasonable for my average size blog. Plus, I am not writing about the life saving steps that will make my blog A MUST to read :D

I appreciate my silent readers too. I know bunch of them (especially my colleagues who are too ashame to post a comment here. They did commented me personally :). Plus several Malaysian especially Malay that are more comfortable with me writing in Malay (not that I don't want too. But my Malay writing sound a little bit funny.

Saya bukan Sharifah Amani tahu ("I sound stupid when I speak in Malay"). Saya cuma menghadapi kesukaran mengeksperasikan diri dalam Bahasa. Lagipun saye xtaw nak tulis bahasa baku or this bahasa rojak. hehehehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mangosteenskin,

Thanks. I hope he looks nice too :D


Hi axim,

haha.. sile2.. Kami menunggu dgn sabar :P

bluedreamer27 said...

oh my dont tell that blue you are much more amazing than me

AngelBaby said...

I think your new mascot is cute in it's own way. I mean I am sure his mother loves him. LOL! I don't know if I would use the one on the toilet, what would the nieghbors think? LOL! It looks like you had a lot of fun with this.

Love and Blessings,

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