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Google seems to detect my IP as a virus or spyware and blocked all images from showing off on the screen. This is my blog looks like from my laptop:

As suggested, I already reinstalled, rescanned and rebooted my computer and ran it with few antiviruses such as Avira and AVG, and few spyware removers such as Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Terminator, only to fail. With lots of assignments and projects in it, I was more than horrified with the idea that there is a very dangerous spyware or virus in my laptop waiting for the right time to attack my hard disk.

Without my eyes – I am NOT blind, I just couldn’t see, I cannot function really well. Besides, it is indeed one of the six vital senses in human being. This is why I barely leave any comments last week. Especially those who posted (wonderful and beautiful) pictures accompanied their post. I prefer to keep quite rather than leave comments like, “Wow, it’s a beauty!” or “I love this picture! Nice one!” without actually look at the picture itself.

Anyway, after few days, some of my friends who are using the same broadband provider as mine (the unreliable - Celcom) told me that they were experiencing the same problem. Only then I know that there is nothing wrong with my computer -it blocks the IP address of my broadband provider. Unfortunately for me, I am not sure how and when they will do something about it. I blamed it on Malaysia bureaucracy. For this post, I am using my slow crawling college connection. Well, it’s better than nothing right? ;)

Have you experiencing this kind of problem before? Anyone knows how to solve it? Your helps are very much appreciated. Thank you for my constant readers who keep checking for my update.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Penny said...

That sounds very annoying! Hope you can get it sorted soon :S

LadyJava said...

arghh.. missed!
sounds terrible Blue..
Like i say.. perhaps you can surf using an proxy or something..:)

Mariuca said...


Monica said...

I'm sorry to hear that Haaziq! and I don't know how to solve it :-(

rizz said...

lerr kena virus gak kee

phatelara said...

Haaziq, I am so sorry you have to face this. Hopefully someone knows how to help you. Btw, we definitely miss you! :):)

lilyto lilo said...

patut la lme gle x share.. ak nk changeling.. huhu.. sabaq2.. lgpn dis wik packed gile ngn esemen.. xde effect pn tenet ko wat hal.. heeee

Shinade said...

The same thing happened to me not long ago Blue. But, after a while it went away. I think it's on Google's side and hopefully not yours!!:-)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Penny,

Not only annoying, I really couldn't see your beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see your next daily pictures post :)

Hey, congrats again for winning this post FC! ;)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Lady Java,

Oh, now I understand what did you mean by using Proxy. LOL. I changed my internet connection setting (Tools > Actions > Advanced > Network > Connection) but only to fail. So, I changed it back to normal. What is proxy anyway? LOL. I am too lazy to Google it - especially after they blocked me :(

E-Tavasi said...

In my opinion what you can do is, contact your broadband provider to ask why their IP address block by Google...

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mariuca,

Wow the shortest comment you ever made! :)


Hi Monica,

I don't know what should I do too.. I hope everything will be sorted out by itself after awhile *crossing fingers*


Hi rizz,

Bukan kena virus kot. Xsure lah.. Sebab dah scan smua tidak ada papa pun.. Hope for the best :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Debbs,

Yeah. And this happen when I am planning to back active online this week. Bad timing for me :(


Hi Lilyto,

Aku lagi ar.. Busy dengan Career Fair lagi.. Nasib baik dah abes.. Kalau tak, weekend ni aku diajak oleh HEPP untuk pergi Genting Highlands dengan budak2 PPMS. Tapi malas ar nak pergi.. Aku penat gila last week. Huhuu :S

P/S: How's your futsal training??

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shinade,

Really? I am glad to hear it. But I still will ask someone to check up my laptop :)


Hi E-Tavasi,

I hate to call Celcom's operators. They are too lazy to answer anything and keep saying that Celcom's undergoes upgrading. I am not sure I could hold my temper well enough to handle this in a professional manners. I am thinking of switching to Maxis. But I need to seek my father's approval first since he's the one who paying my bills :):)

zara said...

Hi Haaziq.. Hmm..bad timing huh? Ermm.. maybe you could wait for a couple of days and who knows it will be back to normal..but the only options you have for now is to call that Celcom. So they will work, and not sit on it. :)

Make a pound said...

it can happen to anyone i have seen it before in the UK its just when you search for too many pages in a set period of time

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Zara,

Well, I think I will wait for a few days first. I rarely get angry, but Celcom's operators always know how to get my nerves. And people are complaining why services in Malaysia suck.. Sigh*


Hi Make a Pound,

Oh, that is the new one. Thank you for informing me. Yeah, I did open far too many tabs at once (sometimes around 50+ tabs). I will try to reduce the number of loading pages from now on. Thanks again!

GAGAY said...

this must be just kidding!?!?


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Gagay,

Well, sadly for me, it's not :(

Denford said...

Google's "intelligent" system seems too efficient sometimes! Have you asked the ISP what they are doing about this?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Denford,

LOL.. I have called ISP once. But they said mine is "isolated case". I hang up at the end of that sentence :)

rizal said...

Olla Blue..

sorry to hear that..

well, right now, it is happening to me.. Been like this for the last few days.. (kadang2 keluar gambar, kadanag2 tak) i dont think it has something to do with your computer, virus @ spyware. Since, as Celcom broadband users, we are sharing the same isp address, we also kena la when somebody else is surfing the web using an infected machine. Example : difficult to log into mirc using celcom compare to digi... always asked me to clean and check my system (trojan), when it was because of others who ran on the same isp address. Hence, nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga... kekeke

Previously, i couldnt even access any blogspot. Google said something that had to do with Celcom as Internet Provider (i mean celcom boradband). Right now, all pixs on blogs can even load, only text.

I hope Celcom really solves this ASAP. I am just using Celcom to play games online.. hihi.. blogging.. i am back to my digi edge (darn it digi.. i want better offers for 3g, not Ikano Soft launch there... :P)

rizal said...

p/s : sorry banyak "typo error".. hujan lebat petir kat sini laaa.. so kelam kabut taip... hehe

Lord Voldemort said...

YES! I sometimes have that problem. And I fried my hosting company as I thought my website was not up! Celcom Broadband is so unreliable!

Anonymous said...


Mohd Hafizd said...

hmm..mahybe coz everybody were using the same ip at the same time and this might cause the system 'weng' for a while..muhaha..

kalerfool said...

oh..this happens on the pc(s) at my fac too..really annoying..

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha ha ha sorry Blue! Connection betul-betul make me angers yesterday, today is no better! Forget EC dropping man, am back to select dropping tonight huhuhuhuhuhuhu! :(

Mariuca said...

Oh dis is ur dah fix ke blm and why do u suppose this is happening eh? I bet mesti u tensi, takpe sabar! :)

Mariuca said...

Sorry I oso don know how to fix this or what it even means! :(

Mariuca said...

Ah LJ punya blog dah refresh 10 kali, still takde EC tensi tensi! Lucky can see urs! ;)

Monica said...

Haaziq! I hope your pc back in shape soon!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal

Rizal!! You're back!! LOL.. Can't wait to see your beautiful doodles again my friend :):)

Well, I don't have that much options here. It's either I am using Celcom or my crawling college's internet. I choice the first one..

If I am at home, my dad always worried if I on any laptops or TV during thunders ;)


Hi Kuropii,

Well, I sure hope it's not a virus :*


Hi Hafidz,

Aah. I also think it's because the IP conflict. We all share the same IP. That is one of the reasons why I am willing to pay extra for my Rapid Share account :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Kalerfool,

You said it! I am pretty sure I pulled out a bunch of my hairs every times I online.. ish2.. tak lama lagi botak pulak.. haha


Hi Mariuca,

You know what.. At first I thought you are merajuk cause I wasn't commenting on your sites. hehe.. I am glad you are not :)

Eh, Celcom is slow as hell tonight. Maybe I will finish my drops tomorrow :S

Anonymous said...

well.. kalau internet campus ni x laju pun, biar la kasi dia stabil.. ni tak.. on.. off.. on.. off.. on.. off.. haish.. naik fedup gak.. eh.. format je lappy tu..

GAGAY said...

hmp!?!? until when will be suffering from this mess?!?! should i call it mess? ehhe!


Adawiyah said...

Hey there Haaziq. My friend had the same problem too. She said she couldn't see any pictures in her blog. She thought something was wrong with her laptop. But about a week later, she told me everything is back to normal. By the way, she also uses Celcom Broadband.

My college's wireless is fast. Alhamdulillah, it was recently installed thanks to the technology of fibre-optic. But it's useless whenever it rains. Hoho...

I use Maxis Broadband when I'm at home.

WoW said...

luckily it's yet to happen to me. Thanks for the sharing :)

bluedreamer27 said...

hahah me too it neverhappen to me as well

TH said...

its first time I see this. Why this happened?

TH said...

what kind of virus can do that

Shinade said...

glad to hear that it was Google. i thought it might be as the same thing happened to me.

Off topic Haaziq but I need a little help if you can help me.

When I had my Twitter account restored the little birdie is no longer down on my bar. so I don't get tweats when someone tweats.

Do you know what I need to change to get my little birdy back?

If so please drop by when you have time and tell me.

I miss my little birdy:-(

Happy Monday gotta' run, drop, and then get some chickens for Speedy's day!!:-))))

lilyto lilo said...

wahhh.. nk g genting!!~
futsal tgendala wiken aritu
ujan x benti pn
arini start balik
ak da lembab da ni 3 ari x men

Faisal Admar said...


Faisal Admar said...

I think the word verification problem happen to others as well, not only in your blog.

So, no worry.

(kinda forgotten what I've typed earlier LOL)

Ok, now I know why you can't view the pictures. They are lovely BCD and hope you can view them soon.

Guess everything is fine by now? :)

I didn't know that Celcom as famous and big provider would have such problem. Until now Streamyx is very slow too!

Damn broadband in Malaysia :(

Anonymous said...

jgn smPai hilang segale rePot2, fyP2 ke ape2 me.
the day nak anta repOrt, laptop x nak On. =(

YAN^S said...

same thing happen to me..... damn...

Ron Russell said...

Had similar problems here---at times things just don't go right. :'( said...

I had to call my ISP one time for a similar problem and they actually worked it out within an hour. I Hope your problems are few - btw everything from your blog works great from my perspective!

Recent blog post: Flying With the Southwest Airlines Rapper

Ron Russell said...

Penny Patch the blog of mine you visited is shutting down and everything
has moved to _http://totus-blog.blogspot.com_
( thanks for the visit.

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