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My Holiday Mood

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My battle with laziness has began since I can remember. The peak of it usually when I am on holiday. After all, the meaning of holiday is "rest and relax" in which I am fondly define as resting in term of mind, body and spirit. I rest my mind from making any major decision such as what I gonna have for dinner or should I wearing this white t-shirt with a long pant or short pant (which sometimes result in me not wearing anything except towel around my wrist - not like my house has any visitor during the workdays anyway, as only the maid and I in the house most of the time). Resting my body in which I rest all my muscles except (specifically) my right arm muscle for a few evil ride, if you know what I mean.

However, I did do some push and sit-up daily routine, just to drop a few sweat and I will definitely try materialize my plan (which I have been planning since the start of my holiday - a month ago) to climb the mountain that in a walking distance from my house. And in term of spirit, I usually reserve my spirit only for watching movies, reading books and for my social visit once in a week. The social visit could means hanging out with my friends or going to shopping with and rarely without my mom (I don't carry cash in holiday :). I am looking forward for that time of the week because it was the time I see a real person other than my family and not-the-myspace-facebook-friendster-human-being. That my friends, is what I call holiday. How about you?

So, last weekend, I wanted to finish my entry about my in-case-you-don't-know summer vacation, but couldn't find the right words nor times to scramble down my ideas. My grandma and her entourage which consist of my aunts, uncles and cousins went down to Johore from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to visit a sick relative and decided to stop by our home (all my relatives including my grandmother are staying in KL). Most of my cousins are around 1-4 years old and although they have their own maids with them, the unbearable noise their making are enough to drive me out from the house. Just consider this, the daily condition is, I will wake up only when the birds are singing and damn knocking on my room windows (I live in a jungle, remember?). When all those natural sounds are replaced with a crying and screaming, my ears just couldn't handle it.

I decided to call my friend, and we went to watch Kung Fu Panda. The movie is about a fat panda (is there any slim panda?) who unexpectedly picked as to be the dragon warrior and along with the Furious Five; Tigress (voice Angelina Jolie), Viper (voice Lucy Liu), Crane (voice David Cross), Monkey (voice Jackie Chan), and Mantis (voice Seth Rogen) fighting the power hunger snow leopard, Tai Lung (voice Ian McShane). Although some says that the movie offers nothing new compared to Ratatouillle and Shrek, I found it very entertaining. The cinema is filled with laughter from different races and various range of ages. I feel like we are united somehow by this film.

Then, after hanging couple hours more with my friend, I went back home just to continue watching another 4 more movies! Before going home I bought 6 DVDs (buy 5 and free 1) as I fallen for the charms of the DVD seller. I usually pay more for a good service then a less for the same stuff but from a less friendlier seller. The Onion Movie, Mama's Boy, What Happen In Vegas, Las Vegas 21 and Semi Pro. And I did watch all of them except Semi Pro that day! So, to further emphasis my holiday mood, these are the reviews for Kung fu Panda, The Onion Movie and What Happen in Vegas. I couldn't find enough time to do the rest of the movies' review. Will do it as soon as possible.

What Happen In Vegas
  • Although Diaz is not as funny as Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck, Kutcher and Diaz is indeed a great couple together
  • The movie was funny mainly due to Jack's best bud, Hater (Rob Corddry) and Joy's best pal, Tipper (Lake Bell) dialogs and actions
  • For pervert normal people out there, you could see Kucther in his boxer and Diaz in her bra - nice (evil grin)
(for the rest of Party, Sex, Gamble and Married in Vegas review, please visit my other blog, My Little Black Pot)

The Onion Movie
  • It plays on (and sometimes cross) the line of racist, sexual exploitation, gay issues and handicaps. You must always keep it close to your mind that this is a fake news
  • The funniness of it just last for a few second. You want to laugh but before you know it already not funny anymore
  • It fills with stupidity. Enough said
(for the rest A Smelly Onion review, please visit my other blog, My Little Black Pot)

Kung Fu Panda
  • I never been quite a Jack Black's fan. Okay, although I like his character in The Holiday (when he's less funny), he always seems to be in the same character from movie to movie. Surprisingly, I love and want to hug him (my curious self wanted to know if I could reach both of my arms around his body) in this movie and I am not even gay. Thanks for being the cutest panda ever, seriously (compared to his bearded face) and I love the scene when he was trying to find foods to eat because "I love to eat when I am depressed" - how real is that? We love too Po!
  • All the miniature of the characters definitely will be sold out in an hour! (they already released a Kung Fu Panda's game for PlayStation 3 - check it out here)
(for the rest of Kicking Butts Panda review, please visit my other blog, My Little Black Pot)

Hugs n Kisses (not me) | edited from smiles4angels

So, there you go. Sorry if I am missing out few posts in your blog. The laziness of holiday is drive me crazy (magnificently without even doing anything). For those who have live visitor's detector in their blog, and noticed me being there but left without giving any comment, don't be mad. I am just enjoying the sunshine from my window in front of my work desk, sunbathing while wearing a pair of sunglasses, (not that I think I am cool) it just I want to savor the rest of my holiday. See you soon!


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rizal said...


memang nampak gayanya tengah mood "rest n rileks"

tu dia..dvd marathon tuu.. orait, aper2pun selamat ber"rest n relax" or should i say "restnrileks" hehe

axim said...

patut la lama tak muncul...duk ber rest and rolex ripanya..(macam tag blog risal la plak..hihi)..

anyway,its nice to be in holiday mood-where you just dont think about ur job at all,and all that you care is to pampered yourself as much as you can..

hmmm siap wat dvd marathon lagik..haha,aku nak tengok sangat kung fu panda tuh...member aku kater klako gila babeng...kehkehkeh

Etavasi said...

best juga yah.. rilex and rest2.. saya pun mahu juga lah.. hehehe
my eyes sakit sudah depan komputer saja.. buat blog sama main game hehehe..

bah share some DVD with me.. i havent yet see the panda.. ahh.. hope i can go..

Hye said...

Hi Blue,

I am dropping by to say Hello. It's nice you are back from your vacation. Have a great day always, my friend.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

Seriously, I just noticed the similarity of "Rest n Relax" with my post! hahaha.. Hurmm.. Must be my inner self yang terikut2 dgn blog Rizal tuh. hahaha.. :P

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi axim,

hehe.. Best gler Kung Fu Panda! hehe.. Love it.. entah2 esok pun nak tengok lagi sekali cerita itu, tapi dengan kawan lainlah.. Hehe. Selalu tak decide nak tengok cerita apa.. Sampai kat panggung wayang baru tengok jadual cerita apa yang best..

(oh God.. My BM sound REALLY weird!)

bluecrystaldude said...

hi Etavasi,

Wow.. Are you a game freak too? Nice man.. I don't know how did you manage to juggling it with your daily post blog. hehe. Thank God I am not such a big gamer.. :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hye,

You don't know how glad I am to see you're back commenting in my blog. I thought I did something wrong that drive you away from here.. huhu

Love to hear you back! ;D

Faisal Admar said...

I'm going to watch The Hulk next week... friday night ;)

I'm very fussy about spending my penny for cinema :P And since the oil price increase... I will be more careful to choose only good movies ;)

neomesuff said...

huish banyaknyer movie u tengok...i wish i have that kind of time of movie marathon

Farah Deen said...

I am curious to watch What Happen in Vegas now. So, you had a packed holiday looks like, great to know. Where and what are you doing currently? student or working? IF you are a student, you must be a smart once since your opinions are really great! :)

MADReaLJL said...

that panda movie are damn funny.. i've never laugh like hell when watching movies, except this one..
but the ending is kinda expected, something typical for Dreamworks' products

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi faisal admar,

Have you watch Kung Fu Panda? I prefer that rather than Hulk. hehe :)


Hi neomesuff,

Hehe.. alah, nih sementara cuti, boleh ar buat camni. Kalu ari biase, tak de nyer. huhu

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi farah deen,

What happen in Vegas is a nice story too! love it.. Oh, I am still a student, but not that clever. hehe :)


Hi madrealjl,

Yeah, it all kinda expected. But, it is a movie made specially for family viewing right? I don't think kids would love if it's too complicated :)

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