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I am sorry for not updating anything for last week. No, I am not having writer's block, well, not yet and never will be - I hope. I am just being busy finishing my last week before I went home for my mid semester holiday. I just arrived home yesterday (Yippie!). Although it is only a week of vacation and I have tonnes of workload to be carried along, it still nice to be at home.

My presentation about the "What is The Perfect Age for Marriage?" when well and for that thank you for all the ideas that been shared with me. The comments in that post alone could easily rewrite my original post. Some of them even invaluable as it consist of the commentator's personal experiences and for that, I would like to express my greatest level of thank you. This is a token of appreciation from me. Though it may not be as beautiful as it should be (it was supposed to look like a flower, two leaves with a broken stick), I hope you like it.

A Thank You Note|By Bluecrystaldude

| Emila Yusof | Hafidz | The Success | Bluedreamer27 | Love-n-Hate | Akmal | Shemah | Sweetiepie (I really appreciate her comment as she hasn't been active blogging nowadays!) | Waliz | Mista Shandye | Fara (new blog!) | Angel Baby |

For those who commented more than once, please take the first one and this one too. (Please, I insist) :

You Are Awesome Award|By Bluecrystaldude

| zackzara (3) | Neomesuff (2) | Faisal Admar (2) | Farah Deen (2) | Rizal (2) |

P/S: Sorry if I miscalculated the number of your comments. Please do let me know.

I also included some calculation for my presentation. Oh, and by the way, that post also is the most commented post so far, in Hot Shit Form Here! My blog comments never reach 50 (some even reach hundreds) like most of my blogger friends did, but I happy anyway.

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And my Award Gallery already packed with 40th award! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


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bluedreamer27 said...

wow thank you so much for that bluedude hmm let me take back the courtesy i do also have an award fo you in my all for tags blog at
its for you and other six blogger who are the pioneer commentator in my blog hope you like it
and btw do you love sci-fi films? if you are interested you may want to see my latest TOP 5...ITS TOP 5 MOST RENOWN SCI-FI WRITERS AND THEIR FAMOUS SCI-FI FILMS..
have a great day!!

zackzara said...

Erk! That nice! Thank you, dude. Aaww...that is so sweet of you.

Erk! Me commented thrice?? Isk..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Wow.. Thanks man! I be there after this :D


Hi Zackzara,

Hahaha.. So what if you commented thrice? hehe. Thanks a lot!

I hope I will see you here more often after this! *wink wink*

coolingstar9 said...

It is good to show some love to fellow blogger. Thanks for your love (comment).
Enjoy your school holiday, have a relaxing holiday.

Faisal Admar said...

omg! love them so muuch! and i got 2 awards from you at once! love it... you are so sweet :)

i put the awards here.

Sweetiepie said...

You are very welcome..I can't believe this is for me.Thank you so much for the lovely flower.It's beautiful :)I feel like put this award in my blog.:P

fara said...

weee! A beautiful-sketch-looking-plus-watercolour and smudged effect flower!
oh thnx :)
44 indeed is a big number. hoh. One day i hope mine will be reaching that number too.
(copying the flower into my blog yeayea)

axim said...

macam macam award yang ada dalam pasaran kan skang..hehe

Adawiyah Juzailah said...

It goes a long way to say thank you. A simple thank you can make anybody feel appreciated.

Hehe... You really love giving out awards, eh? =p

By the way, I've finally made the RIGHT decision! Alhamdulillah... =D

waliz said...

hi blue..i really like tht flower eventhough u said it had only 2 leaves wth a broken stick..its original n beautiful...thanks

Farah Deen said...

oh wow! I wasn't expecting that from the future busy engineer! really awesome and thanks a lot.

have a great mid sem break ok?!

Anonymous said...

thanks dear... :) chomel!!!

rizal said...

ohhh my.. it seems that i ve missed to comment on your two posts..

camner leh tak perasan pulak..

for this one.. i say..

terima kasih... huhuhuhu..

bluecrystaldude said...


Sorry, I am not being able to reply all your comments - the main reason is I don't really know what to say other than YOUR ARE WELCOME!. Nevertheless, I would like to say like many times I said before, "I really appreciates all your supports for Hot Shit Form Here". If not because of the readers, I am not sure I will continue blogging till this day. So, all the 'thanks' should go to YOU

P/S: WOW.. what a speech. haha :P

Shemah said...

That's awesome!! Thanks!! And I thought I already left a comment here for you.. Darn!! Sorry for the late message, then. Anyways, I have tons of awards to post and give out too.. I really need to get cracking.. like NOW! :P

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